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Paul Taylor - Art Photographer

Originally from North Oxfordshire I obtained a degree at the University of Leeds and spent many years in the great Northern cities of Leeds and Manchester. However I had always been attracted to the South-West and have been based in Bridport since 2010.
In 2014 on a whim I entered the Guardians inPictures word themed weekly competition and won with Cornish Crush and that was the kickstart I needed to take my photography more seriously.
In order to keep away from cliches and provide a fresh perspective it helps to know the area well so I concentrate my photography in West Dorset with regular forays further west into Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. I have always been interested in localism and where the photograph is taken is very important to me so I catalogue all my images by their location. I am always drawn to the less obvious and the overlooked. For these reasons the site is called Secret Dorset, although of course not all the photographs are taken in Dorset.
I try to approach photography more like a painter approaches a canvas rather than the traditional documentary approach. I enjoy the interplay between the manmade environment and nature and as these materials decay they harmonize better with their surroundings. I do not stage my photographs instead I like to capture the beauty of the mundane and overlooked as I come across them. I concentrate on closeup flat perspectives, and my colour photography is very much about texture, colour and sometimes re-intepretation of the scene so it becomes something else. My black and white photography concentrates on pattern, simplifying the image into repetitive textures.
In 2015 I entered the Marshwood Vale Arts Awards and was a finalist in the Photography section, just missing out to the eventual winner, a selection of my work was exhibited for three weeks at Bridport Arts centre.
All my work is available to buy either as a high quality and highly durable aluminium print that is ready to hang or as a high quality photo print that can be framed and mounted to your requirements. Just click on any image to go directly to the purchase page for that image, or click on the shop link.

Men’s Leather Jacket

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